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Gardening is My Passion!

I have recently decided to give up green keeping where I have been a golf course manager for the past 20 years. I am looking to maintain lawns from simply cutting and further maintenance through weed killing, fertilizing, insect and worm control and when required moss removal and aeration. The photos above are from one lawn from 1st year when I started to 1 year later. Depending on the client budget and demands no job will be too small. I am chain saw certified so can trim or cut down small trees and maintain hedges.

I do not have the overheads of larger companies or franchises to pay, with guaranteed products from major companies I can supply a superior product which guarantees success.

A list below is what can be carried out:

- Mowing
- Weed killing, total or selective
- Fertilizing
- Moss control
- Moss removal
- Insect and worm control
- Small tree cutting
- Hedge trimming

Plus much more...

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